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Greentea Publishing

Wraith: House of Wicked Creatures

Wraith: House of Wicked Creatures

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The creatures of the forest have never felt safer than when they discovered the long-abandoned manor by the woods. But their warm community is suddenly threatened when a family of humans invade their home. Pan and Wraith come up with a sinister plan to frighten the humans into leaving -- but what if the plan turns against them?

Written by Vera Greentea, art and colors by Elk. If you are a fan of Redwall or The Secret of NIMH, but you are also a fan of Paranormal Activity, this is definitely your hot chocolate recipe. 



First Edition: 

  • Paperback: 20 pages                      
  • Size: 9.6 in x 6.3 in       
  • Full-color


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