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Greentea Publishing

Recipes for the Dead: Issue 3

Recipes for the Dead: Issue 3

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Recipes for the Dead: Issue 3 is a Victorianpunk-manga-ish comic that follows the mad adventures of an ambitious baker who just wants to lift her pastry shop out of bankruptcy. Making one reckless decision after another, she attracts the attentions of a sinister neighbor, accidentally concocts a recipe that captivates demonic beings, and finds herself suspiciously much too charming to the boy who never paid attention before.


First Edition: 

  • Paperback: 20 pages                      
  • Size: 9.6 in x 6.3 in       
  • Full-color



Recipes for the Dead is like a sugar rush, and number three in the series is no different.  It leaves you wanting more, and when you’ve finished it feels like it was gone too soon.  But the beauty of these books is that they are indie comics at their best.  Greentea Publishing continues to produce some of the most beautiful and professional looking books on the indie market…and they’re good reads as well, which is a pairing that adds up to comic gold.

-Bag and Board




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