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Vera Greentea presents a Father’s Day comic book collection of dark fantasy stories. Each of the three tales focus on a decision made by a father – regarding, or sometimes ignoring his child – and the consequences on the rest of the world. With art by Lizzy John, Joseph Lacroix and Ben Jelter, PAPA blends evocative storytelling with haunting images to create deeply frightening worlds.


First Edition: 

  • Paperback: 56 pages                      
  • Size: 6.625 in x 10.25 in       
  • Full-color


Reviews for PAPA

"That's one powerful comic."

-Lev Grossman, New York Times Critic and author of The Magicians: A Novel


"Papa is a striking, assured set of stories about fathers. Each story is emotionally complex but completely accessible and the carefully chosen artists bring out the best in each script. This is clear-eyed, perceptive comics at their best, using superheroes, bio-robots and wing packs to tell stories that have something in them almost everyone will recognize. This was my first exposure to Greentea’s writing. It won’t be my last."

-Bleeding Cool


"... the story [The Princess and The Robot] rushes along to a simple and effective climax, with a final, unbelievably gruesome kick in the pants in the very last panel. This isn't just the best story in the book, it's the best one-off story I've read anywhere in a couple of months."

-Hipster Dad


"Twisted, dark, deep, impressive.... Comic books as an art form, Greentea has it all. Easy to read, brilliantly colored, there is nothing here that will distract or detract from the story lines... You will not be disappointed, they are exceptional."

-Comics Forge


"With three fantastical set pieces and three terrific artists, Vera Greentea crafts a Father’s Day tribute unlike anything we’ve seen before..."



"I’d recommend picking up this book if you like short comics, if you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli, or if you enjoyed the Flight series put out by Villiard Comics... I think the benefit of creative freedom is obvious in Papa. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on Greentea Publishing in the future."

-Girls Like Comics


Watch a short trailer of The Princess and the Robot, art by Ben Jelter, music by Zoe Keating (FMA).


PAPA TRAILER from VeraGreentea on Vimeo.

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