You can now purchase Wraith: The Psychic and the Poet!

I love the WRAITH series with all my heart, and it's such a pleasure to bring the sequel to you!

Wraith: The Psychic and the Poet is a spooky story about a small community of forest animals who moved into a haunted house, and are now in a battle for territory with creepy demonic presences who bury their victims, a group of human ghost hunters, and a ravenous cat. It's eerie and atmospheric, adventurous and funny, and it's beautifully illustrated by the queen of animal art, Elk. Don't miss this cult classic in the making!

Also, if you've already read the books and can't get enough, ComicsMNT just published an interview with Vera Greentea, in which she talks about the origins of the story, the process of making comics with Elk, and the charms of using Kickstarter.
Check that out here:
The Process: Vera Greentea Enters the House of Wicked Creatures in 'WRAITH'.

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