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Greentea Publishing

Wraith Charms (3 Variants)

$ 10.00

These marvelous wooden charms of Wraith, Pan and Poet are here to protect you from all kinds of evil!

  • Pan is a brave grey squirrel who wants to protect her friends and her home. Take this charm to any haunted house, and know that you will be under her protection.
  • Wraith is a misanthropic and strategic black squirrel, who would do anything for her friend Pan, even public speaking. Hey, we all know that fighting humans and monsters are the easy part.
  • Poet is the villainous little cat with a career in detecting supernatural phenomena. Bring this wooden charm with you to any haunted area and it will ward off true evil... or at the very least, enchant your friends.
  • While supplies last!


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